Even as a young woman I loved tights. The feeling on the skin is indescribably beautiful. I quickly realized that my silky legs did not go unnoticed by men. It was not long before I had the first horny experience in pantyhose. This sight of legs, feet and toes in pantyhose exerts a supernatural fascination that you can not escape. For over 20 years I have collected on this website my pantyhose pictures and videos. I am pleased to share my intimate moments in pantyhose.



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Strumpfhosen von Calzedonia

Calzedonia Naturelle

A car ride, how boring. But another stop became interesting. Thorry suddenly held the camera in his hand and photographed my hosed legs. A hot set in suntan tights and a must see for high heels and dangling lovers.

pantyhose from eve

Graphit colored Pantyhose

Sometimes you do not have to look far to find a really beautiful pantyhose brand. so I was in the supermarket Lettens and saw a beautiful graphite colored tights I had to take with me. At home, I tried her out right away. Thorry was visibly nervous and just could not get his hands off my legs >: o) But see for yourself what I have for you …

Strumpfhosen Fetisch

Sheer to Waist

There are tights that you wear in everyday life. However, this is intended for more beautiful hours>; o) a sheer to waist sheer brand with silk-soft wearing comfort.
Thorry was so delighted that I spoiled him right after the shooting. Hmmm

Strumpfhosen Fetisch

Grey Shiny Tights

It’s time for a few dangling shots. I wear some grey tights with a sexy shine on my legs. Besides i wear peep toe heels and a sexy leather skirt. Become curious? Then have a quick look. >: o)

blickdichte strumpfhose von calzedonia

Opaque Tights

how can you enjoy a nice winter day better than with a nice walk? I’m wearing a long coat, opaque tights and boots. Thorry shots beautiful close-ups of my legs and feet in this outfit. Enjoy my latest shots >; o)

Kunert Glanz Strumpfhosen

Kunert Satin Sheer Pantyhose

sometimes it is worth keeping old. I wear a beautiful Kunert pantyhose with almost transparent seams. A classic sheer to waist band. I wear a pair of nude style pumps and a pink skirt.

black pantyhose

Calzedonia Sheer 40 Tights

I have a little secret. I love tights from Calzedonia. Today I’m wearing some black tights in 40 Denier. I wear some sandals and a pretty dress. See you soon, I hope >;o)

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White ADAGIO BASIC 20 shiny tights

What for a hot day …
Thorry and i drove in the car. I wore my white glossy tights and mules. During the ride, my tights glittered in the sun. Thorry had to take some cool photos immediately.

NUR DIE Seidenfein 15 DEN in black

On the way i always have some black pantyhose with me. This time it is wonderful “NUR DIE” pantyhose in 15 DEN. Check it out what I’m doing with it >;o)

Sheer SAMBURU Pantyhose 10 DEN

Do you see the sparkle in my eyes? Yes, sheer and soft feel this wonderful tights on my skin. Delicate. Very high close ups are waiting for you.

ERGEE Pattern Pantyhose

I am on the road again and of course I thought of you here >; o)
Here I am wearing a silky-soft pattern pantyhose from ergee. I wear my dark blue high heels. Thorry made some great snapshots.

My old Glossy Tights

Lying lazily in the sun and eating an apple. The sun is burning on my pantyhose. But it does not bother me. The shine on my old favorite tights is breathtaking. Thorry was already very nervous and immediately pulled out his camera.

Sheer and Shiny Tights

what is more beautiful than the warm rays of sunshine on the skin. Besides i wear a black sheer and shiny pantyhose without any seams. You will enjoy these photos.

Outddor in Double Tights

Sometimes a little annoyance happens with a pantyhose, running stitches. I took advantage of that and made some hot shots for you.

Kunert Moonlight in Black

unbelievable but the shiny look really comes from Kunert Moonlight. Besides i wear mules and a short dress. Wonderful set with sexy close-ups.

Fogal Glamour Pantyhose

What a noble sight. A pantyhose with silver back seam. The color is beautiful and also the sheer look. Hope you can enjoy every detail. I enjoyed it >:o)

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Platino Cleancut in Nero

For me one of the most visually beautiful tights in the world. She has everything all what a pantyhose needs to have. Shiny, ultra thin and wonderful to wear. A must have for all pantyhose lover.

Wolford Satin Touch 20

The name alone causes excitement. Wolford Satin Touch 20, what a name and this pantyhose is breathtaking. I threw myself properly in shell and made a few horny shots. See yourself >;o)

Falke Seidenglatt in Black

I’m done dressing. In addition a black pantyhose and a short skirt. Of course, high heels must not be missing.

Skin Tone Dederon

An incredibly durable pantyhose. She has a reinforced heel and toes. She feels very light on the skin. Very sexy to look. Enjoy!

Platino Cleancut Dakar

What can I say to one of the most beautiful tights in the world. What a few sexy shots of my legs and feet in these pantyhose. Remain silent and enjoy

Platino Cleancut Millenium

Sheer glossy pantyhose millenium 484. The name alone is divine. It forms along the legs and the glossy view is breathtaking. A wonderful set with many details

Falke Seidenglatt

and once again I’m in the fresh air and enjoy the weather. I wear a Falke Seidenglatt und dark high heels. A wonderful outdoor set.

Kunert Satin Look

Pedal Pumping in pantyhose is my latest update for you. I wear a grey colored pantyhose and high heels. Later i move out my high heels and pumping the pedal with my hosed feet. Enjoy it >:o)

Dancing Tights

The autumn is here. Time for my dancing tights. She is wonderful in this weather. Besides i wear my black knee high boots. Thorry take some wonderful photos. A must see.

Polka Dot Pantyhose

Maybe you are not enthusiastic about points, but on tights it looks sexy. I was on the road again and Thorry did not miss taking some pictures.

Extremely Shiny 40

By now everyone should know the brand Calzedonia. Here i wear extremely shiny pantyhose in 40DEN. Besides i wear brown colored knee high boots. I know you will love this set …

Hudson It`s Easy

Look at my toenails. Painted in purple and green >: o) One of my favorite grape varieties are Hudson It`s Easy.

When I wear these pantyhose, Thorry always gets very shaky on his legs. Just why? >;o)

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